The Christian Mind

Speaker(s): Harry Blamires
Date: 1985
Length: 14h46m
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In today's secularized society there are desacralizing influences at work that make deep inroads into the moral and cultural environment. In this series Dr. Blamires helps the listener to understand the ways in which a thoughtful Christian outlook and profession of faith can mold their response to this challenge. Lectures include:

  • The Christian Mind and Secularization
  • The Christian Mind and Contemporary Culture
  • The Christian Mind and Naturalism
  • The Christian Mind and Values
  • The Christian Mind and Truth
  • The Christian Mind and Liberalism
  • The Christian Mind and Original Sin
  • The Christian Mind and Providence
  • The Christian Mind and Gender
  • The Christian Mind and Faith
  • The Christian Mind and Sacramental Universe

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Harry Blamires started writing through the encouragement of C.S. Lewis, his tutor at Oxford University. Formerly Head of the English Department at King Alfred's College, Winchester, England, he has published works in theology, education, literary criticism and fiction. His theological writings include The Christian Mind and The Post-Christian Mind: Exposing Its Destructive Agenda.

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