Recovering our Creative Calling

Speaker(s): Andy Crouch
Date: Sept 28 2011
Length: 2h 39 min
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These two lectures given by Andy Crouch include:

Music and the shape of experience: Bach, black gospel, improvisation and structure, tension and resolution, simplicity and complexity, harmony and dissonance. The difference between playing a CD and playing a violin; the role of disciplines; the difficulty of sustaining discipline and creativity in a consumer culture; the difference between consumer religion and Christian faith.

Christians have wrestled for centuries with how they should relate to poweru2014especially the coercive power of the state and the use of force. But another kind of power comes not from coercion, but creativity, and creative power may be even more risky and potentially corrupting than coercive power. It emerges from our original human commission to bear the image of the divine Creator, yet it is also the source of our tendency to make idols and play gods. In our exercise of power, how can we play the true God rather than a false god? How can we restore human image-bearing of the true God rather than make graven images of untrue gods? We will use art and music to focus our reflections on the oldest human temptation and the highest human calling.

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Andy Crouch is executive editor of Christianity Today. He is also the author of Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling, winner of Christianity Today's 2009 Book Award for Christianity and Culture and named one of the best books of 2008 by Publishers Weekly, Relevant, Outreach and Leadership. In 2011 he became special assistant to the president at Christianity Today International, where he has served as executive producer of the documentary films Where Faith and Culture Meet and Round Trip. He is a member of the editorial board of Books & Culture, a senior fellow of the International Justice Mission's IJM Institute, and a member of the Board of Advisors for the John Templeton Foundation. He lives with his family in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

From 1998 to 2003, Andy was the editor-in-chief of re:generation quarterly, a magazine for an emerging generation of culturally creative Christians. For ten years he was a campus minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Harvard University. He studied classics at Cornell University and received an M.Div. summa cum laude from Boston University School of Theology. A classically trained musician who draws on pop, folk, rock, jazz, and gospel, he has led musical worship for congregations of 5 to 20,000.

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