Exodus: The Path to Freedom

Speaker(s): Carl Armerding
Date: Fall 2007
Length: 26:05:31
Product ID: RGDL3733S

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Exodus (The Second Book of Moses) is studied with an historical, exegetical and theological approach. Students will come to understand why the 'Exodus event' is the prototype Old Testament act of redemption, and how it prefigures the great act of redemption in the victory of Jesus Christ. Practical applications of the book are made. Lectures include:

  • Introduction and Background to the Exodus (2 Lectures)
  • Preparation for Redemption (5 Lectures)
  • Redemption Realized
  • Redemption Tested in the Wilderness
  • Redemption Regulated
  • Redemption Celebrated

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Carl E. Armerding retired as Academic Director of Schloss Mittersill Study Centre, Mittersill, Austria. He is former President and Professor of Old Testament at Regent College, and is author of The Old Testament and Criticism. He continues to teach and speak and resides in Vancouver Canada.

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