The Russian Mennonite Story

Speaker(s): John Toews
Date: 1997
Length: 9:47:29
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This series is a survey of the Mennonite experience from the time of the movement's consolidation under the ministry of Menno Simons to the present time. The main focus of the series is to explore the Mennonite experience in Russia - the struggles within the movement itself and with the outside world. Among the issues explored are the development of Mennonite piety and spirituality, the Old Church / Brethren split of 1860, the development of four-part singing, the question of non-resistance, the migrations to and from Russia, and the experience of being a persecuted church under the Stalinist / Soviet regime. Lectures include:

  • Menno Simons and the New Creation in Christ
  • Persecution, Migration, and Menno Simon's Legacy
  • The Polish-Prussian Interlude
  • Migration to Russia and Mennonite Piety
  • Fighting About the Faith
  • The Evolution of Early Brethren Piety
  • Russian Mennonites and the Beginnings of Four-Part Singing
  • Non-Resistance in Peace and War
  • Fighting Anarchists and Bolsheviks
  • Migration and Flight
  • Mennonite Christians Under Stalinism
  • Deportation and Demise; Restoration and Immigration

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John B. Toews is Professor Emeritus of Church History and Anabaptist Studies at Regent College. He is the author of Czars, Soviets and Mennonites, Perilous Journey: The Mennonite Brethren in Russia, 1860-1910, Lost Fatherland: The Story of the Mennonite Emigration from Soviet Russia, 1921-1927, and Journeys: Mennonite Stories of Faith and Survival in Stalin's Russia.

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