Lunchtime Lecture - Protestantism without reformation: Bonhoeffer's View of the North American Churches

Speaker(s): David Robinson
Date: Winter 2018
Length: 46m
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 Many North American Christians see themselves as heirs of the Reformation legacy, for good and ill. But is such a perception accurate? Dr. David S. Robinson presents Dietrich Bonhoeffer's 1939 essay 'Protestantism without Reformation,' particularly his identification of the social differences that mark a 'nation of refugees.' The essay offers astute observations "Bonhoeffer has been called a 'theological Tocqueville'" It also appeals for both rooted historical consciousness and global theological exchange, critical components to a vibrant church 'confession' for the twenty-first century.

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David Robinson is a Canadian sculptor currently based in Vancouver, B.C. He is a former Sculpture instructor at the Vancouver Academy of Art. A number of his sculptures feature prominently around Regent College.