Incarnational Spirituality: Meeting God in Daily Life (Grenz Lectures)

Speaker(s): David G. Benner
Date: Mar. 9 - 10, 2008
Length: 2:07:50
Product ID: RGDL3804S

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Too often we think of our spiritual life as our personal spiritual practices, experiences and beliefs. In contrast, authentic Christian spirituality must be enfleshed and lived - grounding our life in God in our life in the external world. This lecture describes such an incarnational spirituality, focusing particularly on the way in which it involves a radical commitment to the embrace of reality and the development of discernment of God in the midst of daily life.

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David G. Benner (Post-graduate studies, Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis; Ph.D., M.A., York University; C.Pysch., College of Psychologists of Ontario; B.A., McMaster University) is Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Spirituality at the Psychological Studies Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. A psychologist, spiritual director and retreat leader, Benner has written and edited many books, including the Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology and Counseling and Care of Souls. He is an executive editor of the journal Conversations.

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