Imperial Lover: The Unveiling of Jesus in Revelation

Speaker(s): Jens Zimmerman, Peter Leithart, R.R. Reno
Date: Sept 16-17 2011
Length: 1h43m
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Imperial Lover: The Unveiling of Jesus in Revelation 1:9-20 - Peter Leithart

John's description of Jesus' first "unveiling" (Revelation 1:12-20) is densely packed with Old Testament concepts and symbols. Jesus is the High Priest, the Last Adam, the Son of Man, the Ancient of Days, the living Temple, the Lord of the church who speaks with the voice of many waters. This paper explores the literary and theological import of two interwoven dimensions of this overwhelmingly rich passage -Jesus as the Lover of the Song of Songs and Jesus as the final World Ruler envisioned by Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2).

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Christological Exegesis - Jens Zimmermann

Dietrich Bonhoeffer consciously practiced theological interpretation of the Bible in an academic context still dominated by the historical-critical school. In doing so, he continued a longstanding patristic tradition of spiritual exegesis within a Christological and thus an ecclesial framework. In this paper Prof. Zimmermann will argue that Bonhoeffer's Christological exegesis can help us recover a Christian humanism that is motivated by Christ's presence in the church and in the world.

Following the Letter to the Spirit - R.R. Reno

Spiritual interpretation need not stand in contrast to the literal sense. In the most obvious case, the literal sense of Christ's death and resurrection constitutes the spiritual sense. But there are more subtle ways in which the literal contains the spiritual. In both Jewish and Christian forms of traditional interpretation, the ambiguities, tension, and outright contradictions in the literal sense serve as divinely given goads toward a spiritual interpretation. In these instances, the spiritual meaning is contained within the literal reality of Scripture rather than transcending it.
These papers are also available as part of the complete set of presentations from the conference, Heaven on Earth: The Future of Spiritual Interpretation.

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Jens Zimmermann is Associate Professor of German and English at Trinity Western University and has been awarded a five-year Canadian Council Research Chair in Interpretation, Religion, and Culture, beginning in the fall of 2006. He has published works across several disciplines, including Recovering Theological Hermeneutics: an Incarnational-Trinitarian Theory of Interpretation and, with Dr. Norman Klassen, The Passionate Intellect: Incarnational humanism and the future of university education.

Peter Leithart Senior Fellow of Theology, New St. Andrews College. Dr. Leithart has served as editor and writer for American Vision in Atlanta, Georgia (1987-1989), and as a pastor of Reformed Heritage Presbyterian Church (now Trinity Presbyterian Church), Birmingham, Alabama from 1989-1995. He has authored Against Christianity, A Son to Me, A House for My Name, Blessed are the Hungry, Wise Words, Brightest Heaven of Invention, Heroes of the City of Man, and more. /p>

R.R. Reno Editor of FIRST THINGS and Professor of Theological Ethics, Creighton University. His books include Fighting the Noonday Devil, In the Ruins of the Church, and Redemptive Change: Atonement and the Christian Cure of the Soul.

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