The Mindfulness of Marilynne Robinson

Speaker(s): Chad Wriglesworth
Date: Summer 2017
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Marilynne Robinson is among the most intellectually curious and well-respected writers in the contemporary American literary scene with works like 'Housekeeping' (1980) and the Gilead novels that have garnered awards such as the Pulitzer Prize, the Orange Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Over the years, Robinson has become a public voice on matters regarding theology, science, ecology, human experience and democracy. In this course we will trace and follow the preoccupation of Robinson's mind through her novels and nonfiction, as she invites us to discover and participate within a vision of theological coherence that integrates faith and reason, science and imagination, and that ultimately calls us to live generous and mindful lives within the vitality of the God who creates and sustains.

A Overview of Marilynne Robinson's Life and Work - Has audio issues

B Longing for Resurrection: "Housekeeping"

C The Gilead Novels: "Gilead"

D The Gilead Novels: "Home"

E The Gilead Novels: "Lila"

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