Motherhood and Martyrdom: Family and Faith in the Early Church

Speaker(s): Lynn Cohick
Date: Summer 2018
Length: 1h 19m
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Although very few Christians died a martyr's death in the second and third centuries, the image of martyr became a key figure around which to explain the Christian worldview and its opposition to aspects of the Roman culture. It is possible that as many women were martyred as men; at the very least we could say that the torture and savagery was meted out in equal measure to men and women.

What is perhaps less recognized is the place of motherhood alongside martyrdom in the stories of female martyrs. This juxtaposition of mother and life, martyr and death, makes for a compelling narrative, such as the one we find in the martyrdom account of Perpetua and Felicitas.

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Lynn H. Cohick is a professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. Dr. Cohick has written on early Jewish and Christian relations in her book, Melito of Sardis: Setting, Purpose, and Sources, on women in the ancient world, Women in the World of the Earliest Christians, and a commentary on Ephesians.

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