For Goodness' Sake: Christian Identity and Personal Business Workshop

Speaker(s): Chris Houston, James Houston
Date: Spring/Summer 2017
Length: 7h 21m
Product ID: RGDL4708S

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Join James and Chris Houston, father and son, scholar and management consultant, as they explore how the roots of our uniquely Christian identity and the social demands of business can equip us to participate with Christ in his reshaping of business "for goodness' sake."

Christ calls Christians to be salt and light, to engage fully without being transformed by the world about us, including the world of our work. Sometimes, though, we can find our Christian identity constrained rather than liberated by the expectations that seem to govern our business and other enterprises. Participants will leave equipped with a better understanding of questions like: What is the deeper purpose of my business "for the other"? How can my personal transformation bring about business transformation? What are Christ-honouring ways to approach profit maximization, product branding, and the demand for social impact?

To read an interview with the Houstons about their aims in this conference, visit the Regent website.

Sessions include:

Session #1:

  • Why does the world need Christian business leaders now? Why business ethics
  • Pressurized: Contemporary culture on the magma chambers of populism 

Case Narrative #1:

  • The real tension between profit maximization and social impact

Session #2:

  • Who am I for? Imago Dei—the Christian made for the other.
  • Selfish to selfless business: the individualistic corporation and the demand for social impact in business

Session #3:

  • Personal Integrity: looking out to create a personal world
  • Branding and Social License: From speaking "at" to speaking "with"

Case Narrative #2:

  • The tension between a personal set of values and the requirements of employment and the corporate brand


  • Finding our Loaves and Fishes—Business as a vehicle to serve others

Q&A session

Case Narrative #3:

  • Consumer brands and Social Enterprise

Session #4:

  • Looking up, then looking in: the theology of Christian identity. Who am I to myself?
  • Why company culture always activates the meaningful brand

Session #5:

  • Why all company transformations begin with personal metanoia
  • What is Christian vocation in the context of business?

Case Narrative #4:

  • Our Stories: a shared narrative of uniqueness, divergence for discovery and convergence for impact

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James M. Houston is Board of Governors' Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College. Previously, he was University Lecturer at Oxford University. He is author of I Believe in the Creator, In Search of Happiness, The Heart's Desire: A Guide to Personal Fulfillment, The Transforming Power of Prayer: Deepening Your Friendship with God., Joyful Exiles, and Letters of Faith Through the Seasons.

Chris Houston is a seasoned consultant who, through his consulting business called The Change Alliance, helps his clients bring about fundament positive change in the organizations they lead. Chris is a 'natural' consultant. He loves the intricate and often intesely personal process of helping leaders and their organizations grow and thrive, even in extremely challenging conditions.

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