Books, Children and God

Speaker(s): Mary Ruth Wilkinson
Date: 1996
Length: 46min
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As parents, we are anxious to make sure that our children grow to know God. We also struggle to cope with the vast, quick changes in modern culture. What can we give to our children that can help them cope with these changes? Mary Ruth Wilkinson presents how books can help us to discern what things change and what do not, and what things should change and what should not. Books contain stories and it is through stories that we pass on and take on memories that equip us to live.

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Mary Ruth Wilkinson has been married to Loren Wilkinson, Regent College faculty member, since 1965. They organized and taught their first Christian 'environmental studies' program at Seattle Pacific in 1974. In 1981 they came to Regent College, and in 1988 they moved to a community-owned farm on Galiano Island, where they have lived ever since. They have written together the book Caring for Creation in Your Own Backyard.

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