The Reformation Then and Now, Above and Below

Speaker(s): Mark Noll, Mary Noll Venables
Date: Summer 2017
Length: 20h 19m
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The Protestant Reformation significantly changed not only the church but also the world and much of later history. Explore the personalities, conflicts, events, and outcomes of both the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic renewal movement of the same era. Examine how these Reformations affected the common people of their time and consider how they might illuminate and assist Christian efforts in our world today.

  • A Introduction; Studying the Reformation; Overview, 1450-1700
  • B Past Commemorations of Luther and the Reformation; Main Currents from the Last Middle Ages; Social, Political, Economics and Philosophical Contexts
  • C Martin Luther in Outline; Luther's Theological Dilemma; Luther, the Way Out
  • D What Difference Did It Make in Wittenberg in 1525; Why Was Zwingli in Zurich So Important?
  • E Radical Reformation and the Rise of Anabaptism; What Was Distinctive about the Reformation in Southern Germany?                         
  • F The Marburg Colloquy of 1529 and Day-to-day Differences by 1535; John Calvin and the Reformation in Geneva; The Expansion of Reformed Traditions 
  • G Reformation in England; The Thirty Nine Articles Comparatively Considered; Reformation Imposed - Ireland 
  • H Catholic Reforms; Trent, Revived Orders (Jesuits), the World; What Difference Did Catholic Reforms Make?
  • I Germany: To the Thirty Years War and Beyond; Outcomes: Confessionalization and Pietism; Art, Music, Hymnody
  • J Science and Philosophy; The Ongoing Effects of the Reformation(s); Last Words

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Mark A. Noll is Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame, as well as co-founder of the Institute of American Evangelicals at Wheaton College. He is author of many books, including Protestantism: A Very Short Introduction, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada, and Is the Reformation Over?: An Evangelical Assessment of Contemporary Roman Catholicism.

Mary Noll Venables is a historian of early modern Europe; her research focuses on the long influence of the Protestant Reformation in German territories. She received her Ph.D. from Yale University. She normally resides in Ireland, but recently spent a year in Leipzig and taught in the church history institute at the university there.

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