Dominance and Dissent: Christians, Culture and Power from the Early Church to the Modern Age

Speaker(s): Andrea Sterk, Howard Louthan
Date: Spring 2018
Length: 12h35m
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Throughout history, Christians have faced a series of dilemmas over their relationship to culture and power. Jesus urges believers to be "not of the world", but what does this actually mean? How should Christians relate to the imperfect world around them, and how should they engage with a dominant non-Christian culture? How should they respond to the power and authority of the state, and what happens when Christians find themselves in positions of political power? Christians have responded to these questions in remarkably different ways. Examine these challenges historically in a series of case studies from the early church to the modern age.

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Andrea Sterk is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Florida and has previously taught at Notre Dame University. She has written Renouncing the World yet Leading the Church: The Monk-Bishop in Late Antiquity.

Howard Louthan is Professor of History and Director of the Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota. He specializes in the history of early modern Europe, and has authored and edited a number of books on the Reformation in Central Europe. His current project examines religious cultures of 16th-century Poland.

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