The Book of Exodus: Building a Missional Community

Speaker(s): Mark Glanville
Date: Summer 2018
Length: 9h54m
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The book of Exodus is the real story of a community being reshaped and renewed under the lordship of Yahweh. Explore Exodus through a missional lens, discerning how the story displays God's heart for the most vulnerable and inspires imaginative leadership. Trace the narrative arc from Yahweh's emancipation of Israel from slavery in Egypt through to his action in bringing the nation to Mt. Sinai to receive his laws. Through workshops and discussion, uncover how ancient Israel was nourished to live as a contrastive community of justice and love in the sight of the nations surrounding them. Engage in close readings of the text in order to understand the exodus event, the character of Israelite law, and the character of God. Consider how we ourselves can read Exodus as people who are called to mission, and tease out the many implications of the book of Exodus for worshipping communities and for society today. We will ask: what does biblical law teach us about seeking justice? What practices can we glean from Exodus that may form and sustain communities defined by mission?

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Mark Glanville, PhD, is a scholar-pastor who ministers in a missional urban community, Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, Vancouver. Mark is also Professor of Old Testament and Congregational Studies at the Missional Training Center, Phoenix ( Mark has authored 'Family for The Displaced: A New Paradigm for the Gu0113r in Deuteronomy' (Ancient Israel and its Literature; SBL, 2018), a book on Exodus (Lexham, 2018), numerous refereed articles (including in the Journal of Biblical Literature, 2018), and book chapters. Mark is presently co-authoring a book, Providing Refuge: A Missional and Political Theology.

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