A Woman's Bible?

Speaker(s): Amanda Russell-Jones
Date: Summer 2016
Length: 1h 20m
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In the 1890s, Elizabeth Cady Stanton edited The Woman's Bible with contributions by 160 women. In the 1990s, The Women's Bible Commentary was written. The recent Handbook of Women Bible Interpreters showcases the work of women through the ages who "banned from the pulpit used their pens to preach." Josephine Butler, hailed as "the founding mother of modern feminism" and a female Bible interpreter of distinction, protested against "the sex-bias" of male commentators who were afraid to criticize the men of the Old Testament, but opposed as "just as pharisaical" a Bible commentary authored solely by women. Was she right? Do women have a distinctive perspective on biblical interpretation and should it be heard alone without any male counterpoint?

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Amanda Russell-Jones is a scholar focusing on Victorian society, as well as on the issues of slavery and women's relationship to the church in our contemporary world. She is an independant scholar, has been a trustee of an arts training centre, and has preached and spoken at a variety of Christian conferences.

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