Expository Preaching of the Old Testament

Speaker(s): Philip Ryken
Date: July 14-25, 2008
Length: 20:07:20
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The goal of this course is to promote the teaching and preaching of biblical narrative by providing a theological rationale and developing exegetical and homiletical skills for delivering practical, Christ-centred expositions of stories from the Old Testament. Pastors, teachers and other students of Scripture will learn practical methods for understanding the stories of the Bible in their literary contexts and for connecting these stories to the gospel of Jesus Christ as the main story line of the Bible as a whole. Lectures include:

  • A Defense of Expositional Preaching
  • Finding the Melodic Line in Exodus
  • Defining Expository Preaching
  • Expositional Structure for Preaching Biblical Narrative
  • Preaching Christ From All The Scriptures
  • Preaching Christ From the Tabernace
  • Applying Old Testament Narrative
  • Preaching Christ From the Prophet Jeremiah
  • Preaching Christ From the Story of Solomon
  • Why the Church Needs the Old Testament

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Philip Ryken Dphil in Historical Theology (Oxford), Mdiv (Westminster Theological Seminary), BA (Wheaton) is President of Wheaton College. He was formerly the Senior Minister at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. His books include commentaries on Exodus, Jeremiah and Lamentations.

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