A Double Knowledge: Self & God in CS Lewis & Samuel Becket

Speaker(s): Sharon Jebb-Smith
Date: July 17-28, 2006
Length: 15:36:00
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This course will bring theology to bear on a fundamental question in contemporary Western literature - the search for the self - as it plays out in the work of two writers, C. S. Lewis and Samuel Beckett. For Lewis a sense of self was inextricably connected to a sense of a personal God, and this belief is central to his entire body of work. In contrast, for Beckett a sense of self was an elusive problem, as was his sense of God. The course shall be based upon readings from a range of Lewis's works and - to a lesser extent - Beckett's, but it shall also be deeply rooted in the life and experience of the two authors. Ultimately it shall offer an attempt to learn from these two profound writers, along with other writers whom we will draw into the dialogue where appropriate. Lectures include:

  • The Question of Self
  • Clawing Towards a Countenance: Beckett's Self as Psychology
  • The Spectre of the Divine: Beckett's Theology
  • The Soul's Leap Out: Beckett's Mysticism
  • A Warped And Masked Reality: Lewis' Psychology
  • Three Personal God: Lewis' Theology
  • Brightface: Lewis' Self
  • My Mystical Death: Lewis' Mysticism
  • Men and gods Flow In and Out: Lewis' Mysticism
  • A Double Knowledge

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Sharon Jebb-Smith is a sessional Lecturer, Regent College. BA (Queen's University, Belfast), MCS (Regent College), PhD (University of St. Andrews). Sharon recently earned a PhD from The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, in St. Andrews, Scotland. This course comes out of that doctoral work.

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