Between a Shoe and the Roof

Date: 2015
Length: 1h4m
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"How do we live in that challenging place where the gospel and culture meet?" Journey with an international team of Regent College students as they travel with Professor Diane Stinton to Nairobi, Kenya to explore that question. This film, produced by Regent College and created by alumni Theran Knighton-Fitt and Melanie Brown, offers a glimpse into how the one gospel of Jesus Christ has many different cultural expressions throughout the world, and what we can learn from interacting with Christians in other regions of the global Church. Watch as the students both eagerly and hesitantly enter a new cultural setting. Hear their insights and concerns as they learn to truly listen to African Christians express their faith in Christ as it is shaped by their own context. Join the students in their engagement with pastors, theologians, ministry practitioners, professionals, refugees, and marginalized women and children. And consider with them, as they re-examine their own cultural identities, what it means to follow a God who meets us where we are, yet calls us to participate in the Holy Spirit's work among the worldwide Body of believers.

With a PDF study guide included, this film is perfect for use in small groups, classrooms, missions conferences, and churches.


Customer Review:

Between a Shoe and the Roof

Imagine a group of 11 people, coming from 6 different countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Turkey – watching intently the DVD ‘Between a Shoe and the Roof’, created by Dr. Diane Stinton and …. , and suddenly hearing a general taking in of breath. The moment that the Japanese student in the DVD shares that he does not know what it means to be a Japanese Christian, is the moment where we all ask ourselves: do I know what it means to be a ….. Christian? Do I know where God meets me, and where I can meet God in my own context and culture?

The DVD is a documentary on an international group of students from Regent College, Vancouver, who – together with Dr. Diane Stinton – visit Kenya, meeting Christian leaders and theologians, as well as people in churches in Kibera, one of the poorest areas of Nairobi. The insights and wisdom of the African Christians meeting the discoveries and questions of the visiting international students paint a rich tapestry of the beauty of Christianity around the world, as well as some difficult issues facing world Christianity.

I have used this DVD in a module on Gospel and Culture, which is part of a training for Leaders in Mission within Asia – Asia Gateway, in Malaysia - and found it a very valuable tool. The wide range of experiences of intercultural encounter reflected in the DVD allowed the students to identify in their own way with the reality of the world Church, coming close to their personal experience and faith.  Towards the end of the module, they decided that in the encounter of Gospel and Culture we should not just ask where the shoe pinches, or where the roof leaks, but also where the treasures of God’s grace are hidden.

Berdine van den Toren-Lekkerkerker

Mission Partner, Church Mission Society


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Between a Shoe and the Roof is a documentary about the global church and our place in it.

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