Youth Ministry Today

Speaker(s): Ken Moser
Date: Nov. 26-28 2007
Length: 10:10:10
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Many churches struggle trying to develop a youth ministry that is effective in the long term. Statistics seem to indicate that many churches have trouble attracting and then keeping young people in the church.

In this course we think strategically and biblically about youth ministry today. We examine various models of youth ministry; their strengths and weaknesses. We examine what the Bible says about ministry and how we can form a youth program that is both effective and able to work in today's culture. The emphasis on this course is to develop a youth program in the church that produces disciples FOR THE LONG TERM and reaches out to the lost. Lectures include:

  • The Shape and Shaping of Youth Ministry Today (2 Lectures)
  • Building Leadership; The Main Gathering; Small Groups (2 Lectures)
  • Small Groups; Evangelism; Starting Out; Change; Parents; Socials (2 Lectures)

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Ken Moser has been in youth ministry for over 25 years. He is currently thenprofessor of youth ministry at Briercrest College, Canada. He has previously worked in youth ministry in Vancouver, Canada and in a number of positions in Australia. With his wife Julie he has run youth seminars all over the world. He is the author of a number of publications including Changing the World, Creative Christian Ideas for Youth Groups and 1 Thessalonians: The Changed Life.

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