Deuteronomy in Interpretation, Theology and Spirituality

Speaker(s): Gordon McConville
Date: Summer 1997
Length: 17h 3m
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Deuteronomy, the book most quoted by Jesus, stands at the heart of Old Testament theology. Yet, it is often misunderstood as a book of dry precepts. This series seeks to uncover the depth and power of the book, as well as its relevance to worship, spirituality and Christian theology. After considering introductory issues, a number of key topics for interpretation are addressed, paying close attention to particular texts from the book. The purpose here is to enable the listener to assimilate a major Old Testament book into his or her life, thinking and ministry

Note: Due to the quality of the archives, some of the recordings are less than optimal. Digital enhancing has been applied to produce the most optimal forms of the original recordings.

A - Sermon & Rhetoric: What Is Deuteronomy?

B - The God of Deuteronomy

C - A Holy People: Chosen for What?

D - The Theology of Land in Deuteronomy

E - Worship in Deuteronomy

F - A Covenant in Horeb: Law and Grace

G - Choose Life: Models for Ethics

H - Choose Life: Issues in Ethics

I - Deuteronomy: A Critique of Culture?

J - Deuteronomy and New Testament Theology

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Gordon McConville is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, England.

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