Faithful Medicine: Bioethics and Christian Thought

Speaker(s): Jennie McLaurin
Date: June 8 - 12, 2009
Length: 7:16:20
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Christians struggle to make sense of modern medicine and its bioethical challenges. Abortion, euthanasia, AIDS and stem cell research continue to make headlines and fuel debate. But less public concerns also occupy us, such as infertility, aging, chronic pain and our neighbour's unmet medical needs. This course, through the help of interactive case studies, will explore 1) medicine's new role as a powerful secular institution; 2) ethical methods commonly used in public and Christian debate; 3) theological terms and perspectives that are (or should be) used to support bioethical viewpoints. The goal is to assist health professionals, church leaders and the wider Christian community to think well and Christianly about medicine, and thereby offer reasonable and faithful approaches to bioethical deliberation. Lectures include:

  • Medicine, Culture, and Faith
  • Approaches to Bioethics
  • Theology and Bioethics
  • Church, Community, and Individual in Bioethical Relationship
  • Toward a Theology of Medicine and a Christian Bioethics

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Jennie McLaurin is former Dean of Students at Regent College, a Medical Doctor, and a Wife and Mother married to Andrew with five children.

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