The Relevance of the Old Testament for Missions and Social Ethics

Speaker(s): Christopher Wright
Date: 1995
Length: 16h32min
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The mission of the people of God did not begin on the Mount of Ascension. We can trace it right back to Abraham, and indeed to creation itself. This series explores the great Old Testament themes of God's purpose for the nations and Israel's role as a model in their midst. It explores different perspectives on the authority and relevance of Old Testament law for Christians, digging into some rich and challenging texts, sampling some specific fields of applied biblical ethics, and demonstrating the impact of scripture on the identity and mission of Jesus. Lectures include:

  • Introduction / Creation
  • God's People: Our Identity
  • God's Redemption
  • God's Law: Our Response
  • God's Prophets: Our Vision
  • God's Honor: Our Worship and Wisdom
  • God's Land: Our Economics
  • God's Reign: Our Politics
  • God's Future: Our Mission

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Christopher J. H. Wright is the International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership International. Earlier, he was the principal of All Nations Christian College. He is author of numerous books including God's People in God's Land, Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament, Walking in the Ways of the Lord, What's So Unique about Jesus, as well as a commentary on Deuteronomy.

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