CITM Living The Balance: Faith, Work & Relationship

Speaker(s): Paul Williams, Andy Parrett, Andy Perrett, Mary Landell, Ruth Elwood Martin
Date: 2005
Length: 3:13:14
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Despite promises of more rest and leisure, most of us are facing new and unforeseen pressures. How do we deal with the competing demands of work, family, society and the church? Our lives easily become a never-ending task list. Yet God calls us to live relationally -- loving God and neighbour -- in all aspects of life. As Christians, how do we fulfill this calling and find balance? Join us to explore these essential life concerns and gain practical perspectives to assist in your own journey of "Living the Balance".

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Paul Williams is Research Professor of Marketplace Theology & Leadershipnat Regent College. Previously, he was Chief Economist and Head of International Research for DTZ Holdings, an international real estate consulting and investment banking group headquartered in London, UK.

Andy Parrett No Biographical Information available.

Andy Perrett is Regional Director of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship after obtaining his law degree and serving as a bobby in London for a number of years.

Mary Landell is Principal of Landell Consulting, Ltd., which is a Vancouver based career and employment consulting service.

Ruth Elwood Martin is a family physician in Vancouver, teaches at te Departmetn of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, and is a poet.

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