Theology: Only About Words?

Speaker(s): Paul Helm
Date: July 8 2013
Length: 64min
Product ID: RGDL4300L

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Christian theology is widely thought of as nothing more than a game involving the juggling of words. The conviction that it is the study of God's revelation of himself, and an indispensable basis for the understanding of Christian thought and practice, is dismissed. Paul Helm will argue that this has happened because the place of human nature in theology - our senses and our intellect - has been disregarded. If theology is to regain its place as providing objective knowledge of God we must recover the conviction that grace builds upon nature.

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Paul S. Helm is Teaching Fellow at Regent College. He has served as President of the British Society of the Philiosophy of Religion and authored numerous books including Eternal God: A Study of God without Time and Faith Understanding.

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