Food Forethought

Speaker(s): Loren Wilkinson, Marketplace Institute
Date: 2013
Length: 2h9min
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What does food have to do with my faith? This four-part video series explores the relation of food to the Christian faith. The series, created by former Regent student Theran Knighton-Fitt, explores this question through a series of interviews and personal exploration with Loren Wilkinson and students who attended a course co-taught by Loren and Mary-Ruth Wilkinson on the relationship of food to the Christian faith.

In addition to the video episodes, this series includes a discussion guide so that you can watch and discuss it together in a small group.

Sample PDF Discussion Guide


The video series is composed of the following four episodes:

EP 1: Why is it important for Christians to think about food?

This episode explores the basis for why Christians should consider their food choices a key aspect of what it means to be a Christian. It does this by journeying with the narrator as he leaves his home in the city to go and consider this question more deeply as part of a two-week course on this topic out at Galiano Island.

EP 2: What does a healthy approach to food look like?
This episode considers what a Christian posture towards food might look like. In doing this it draws upon aspects of the Eucharist and humanity's calling to be priests amongst creation. It also considers the role of feasting and fasting as part of a Christian response to food.

EP 3: How have we fallen short in our priesthood?
This episode focuses on the ways that humanity has fallen short in its call to be priests of creation through consideration of the various factors at play in food production and what alternatives might look like. This includes interviews.

EP 4: How then should we eat?
This episode synthesizes the learning from the previous episodes by showing how Christians are think about conflicting goods when thinking about food. It concludes with the narrator returning to his home in the city and see how his food choices have changed as a result of this time.



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Loren E. Wilkinson is retired as Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies & Philosophy at Regent College. Previously he served as Associate Professor in the Department of English at Seattle Pacific College and Fellow at the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship. He is editor of Earthkeeping in the Nineties: Stewardship of Creation, and co-wrote Caring for Creation in Your Own Backyard with his wife, Mary Ruth.

This series is produced by the Regent College Marketplace Institute (MI). The MI's focus is to help people see the public nature of the gospel and how the significance of the Gospel's public nature shapes our daily lives. One of the ways it does this is through the production of educational materials for Christians seeking to live out their faith in their everyday lives.

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