For over three decades, Regent Audio has been recording and sharing words that shape from Regent College to the global Christian community. These recordings range from sermons and individual lectures to entire courses and conferences given by our full-time faculty as well as by visiting speakers, teachers, and authors.

Engage thoughtfully with all sorts of questions - whether historical, theological, biblical or cultural - through listening to some of the best teaching available from evangelical theologians, scholars, artists and leaders.  Our collection of teaching includes scholars from a variety of fields, including:

  • Biblical Theology - N.T. (Tom) Wright, Bruce Waltke, Gordon Fee, Iain Provan, Rikk Watts, Phil Long, John Walton, Michael Green, Paul Barnett, John Stott, F.F. Bruce, R.T. France, Carl Armerding, Markus Bockmuehl, Larry Hurtado and many others.

  • Systematic Theology - J.I. Packer, Hans Boersma, Alister McGrath, Christopher Hall, Julie Canlis, Cherith Fee Nordling, Paul Helm, Stanley J. Grenz, Oliver Crisp, Alan Torrance, Colin Gunton, Stephen Williams, Edith Humphrey, Jonathan Wilson, Kevin Vanhoozer, Miroslav Volf and others.

  • Christian Spirituality - James Houston, Eugene Peterson, Charles Ringma, Bruce Hindmarsh, Marva Dawn, Dallas Willard, Gordon T. Smith, Larry Crabb, Susan Phillips, James Bryan Smith, and others.

  • Faith, Work & Leadership - Paul Stevens, Mark Strom, Dallas Willard, Preston Manning, Walter Wright, Robert Paul, David Smith and others.

  • Philosophy & Science - Loren Wilkinson, Stephen Evans, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Paul Helm, Craig Gay, John Hare, Victor Shepherd, James K.A. Smith, Denis Alexander, David Livingstone, Edwin Hui, Peter Harris and others.

  • Literature & the Arts -  Jeremy Begbie, Maxine Hancock, Iwan Russell-Jones, Roger Lundin, Hans Rookmaaker, Crystal Downing, Kerry Dearborn, Ralph Wood, Alan Jacobs, Loren Wilkinson, Valentine Cunningham, Sharon Jebb-Smith, Michael Ward, Marilyn McEntyre, Scott Cairns, Bruce Kuhn, David Taylor, Michael Card, John Witvliet and others.

  • Christian History & Missions - Mark Noll, Andrew Walls, Bruce Hindmarsh, Don Lewis, Sarah Williams, Lamin Sanneh, Andrea Sterk, George Marsden, John Toews, John Lukacs, David Hempton, David Bebbington, Brad Gregory and others.

  • Preaching, Discipleship and Ministry - Darrell Johnson, Eugene Peterson, Roberta Hestenes, Rod Wilson, Charles Ringma, Ross Hastings, Michael Goheen, Gordon T. Smith, Ross Hastings, James Houston, James Torrance, Phillip Ryken, Robert Webber, Earl Palmer and others.

Our audio library includes material in a variety of formats, including DVD, CD, MP3 CD, or MP3 Download. You can choose to either download mp3 files directly to your computer (and avoid the shipping charges), or have your CD or DVD orders arrive in the mail.

Regent Audio is continuously growing as we welcome new scholars to our Spring & Summer schools, and as we record the public lectures and conferences which take place throughout the year.  Please check back often - or better yet, sign up to our email newsletter - to see recent updates to our catalogue.  We hope that you are encouraged and equipped through this teaching ministry for every work of service to which God calls you.