Below are answers to some of the questions we receive about the website on a regular basis. Over time this list may change and expand.

While we've worked hard in making the transition to a new design and platform as smooth as possible, with such a massive change, there's always the chance that bugs exist. If you find any, please let us know. Email us at

Discounts for Churches and Ministries

Regent Audio is pleased to partner with churches and parachurch ministries to provide relevant audio resources at a discounted price. For more information see here.

Finding Titles

  • What’s the best way to find titles?For most, the search box is probably the quickest and easiest way to find titles. You can find the search box in the top left column of all webpages. For those familiar with our old site, it is a vast improvement over the previous search function.
  • How do I use the search tool?To use our search box, enter any combination of keywords, topics, speakers, or other search terms you can think of. The more terms you enter, the more specific the search becomes. For example, to find all New Testament titles taught by Rikk Watts, enter “New Testament Rikk Watts”. To narrow down your search even further, you enter “New Testament Rikk Watts Mark” to find titles by Rikk on the Gospel of Mark.
  • Where is the advanced search page?With our new search tool, an advanced search page becomes unnecessary. Just enter all your search terms in the search box.
  • Browsing Categories and Speakers We have also prepared a number of categories on popular subjects, and on Regent College faculty and other speakers for you to browse through. Each page has a selection of topics and speakers located just below the search box. Click on the "+" sign to expand these menus, then click on the topic or speaker name you wish to see more of to be taken to that collection. To close the menu click on the "–" sign.
  • Do you sell CDs on the new site?Yes. Many of our audio titles are available in MP3-CD and regular audio CD format although some titles are limited to MP3 download format.

My Account

  • Why do I need a customer account to place an order?To allow you to have access to your files at any time. We recognize that over time, files can get lost, hard drives crash, files can accidentally be deleted, and a host of other problems can occur. With your account, you can always access your files whenever you need to.
  • I had an account on your old site. Can I still access my orders on your new site?Most old accounts, along with their orders, were transferred to the new site over a period of a week or so after launch. At that time emails with instructions on how to activate your account on the new website were sent out. This whole process was completed by the end of July, 2013.

    If you have not received an email from us you are probably among a small minority of accounts that could not be migrated. In these cases you can still create an account on the new Regent Audio website, but all your previous orders will have to be accessed using If you have any questions please contact us at and we will assist you further.
  • I didn't receive an activation email. What do I do? First, make a throrough examination of your email (including the spam/junk mail folders) for an email from with the subject "Customer Account Activation". If you can't find any emails matching that description your account may be one of the few we were not able to migrate over to the new site. Read the PLEASE NOTE above for further information.
  • Are my and accounts the same? No. Both sites have separate customer accounts. We realize this has been a source of confusion for some, but from a technical standpoint it is unfortunately necessary at this time.
  • I can’t remember my password. Can I recover it? Yes. Go to the login page and use the “Forgot Your Password” tool. Enter your email address and you will be able to reset your password.
  • What about my username? Can I recover that as well? On the new website, your don't need a username. In essence, your email address is your username.
  • used to sell CDs and DVDs. Can you still buy those there? No. All our audio and video products, including CDs and DVDs, can now be purchased through our new website.
  • What about my old orders?Your old orders still exist, and all your old MP3 files will be available for download for the foreseeable future from the new site.
  • Will the old site still be around?Yes, we will keep the old site active for the foreseeable, but only for viewing your old account information and accessing old orders. You will not be able to place orders from the old site. You can access the site at

Purchasing & Security

  • Are my purchases secure? Yes. is hosted on the Shopify ecommerce platform, which is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. For more information, please see the Shopify PCI Compliance details page.
  • How are credit cards processed?All credit card purchases are processed through Beanstream Electronic Payment Processing. Beanstream has provided online payment and authentication solutions since 2000. Their clients include TD Bank Financial Group, Future Shop, Best Buy, the CGA Association of Canada and the Government of British Columbia.
  • How do I enter coupon and other special discount codes?Coupon codes (i.e. any type of price-reducing code) are entered on the first page of the shopping cart, in the section labelled “Order Summary.”  Within that section you will see blue text (click-able) that reads:  Have a discount code? Click here to enter it.  After clicking on that link, a discount box appears in which you enter the coupon code.  Please make sure to click the “Apply” button.  The coupon is not active until the “Apply” button confirms the discount.  Once the coupon code is applied, the price owing will change to reflect the appropriate discount.
  • I'm getting security warnings when I try to access Why?You are probably trying to access Regent Audio using The "https" is used to secure websites using SSL certificates, but browsing the Regent Audio website does not require a secure website. If you get this warning use (no "s" after http) to access the website. Once you reach the checkout all your information is secured using high-level SSL security. Please note that you can ignore the security warnings and proceed; you will be using Shopify's security certificate, which is fine.
  • My credit card is coming up as “Declined”. Why?Any “declined” credit card messages come directly from our credit card processor and are due to a problem on their end trying to process the card. This almost always involves an expired card or one that has reached its limit, although a network error could also potentially cause an issue. If you receive this message and are sure your card is not the problem please email us at
  • I had a coupon/gift code for the old website. Can I use it on the new site? Unfortunately we were not able to transfer the coupon codes from the old site to the new. However, if you have such a code please let us know and we will recreate it so it can be used on the new site.

Downloading Files

  • How do I retrieve my MP3 audio downloads?Once an order is complete, an email will be sent to you with your download links. Your links will also be available through your account page on the website.
  • My list of files to download has both MP3 and zip files. What are the zip files for?This is a new feature on our website. The zip files contain all the files for that title in one file. Once you've downloaded the zip file, click on it and it will expand into a folder containing the MP3 files. You no longer have to download all the files individually.
  • The zip files take longer to download. Why?Because the zip files contain all the MP3 files that belong with a title, they can contain a lot of files that can make the zip file size much larger than just a single MP3 file. This size difference will depend on how many files are in the series. A full-length course will be much larger than a conference.
  • My purchase only contains one MP3 file, but I still see a zip file as well. Why?All our titles now have a zip option, even the ones that are only have one file. The zips are created automatically as part of the process. You can choose to download one or the other, or even both. As zip files are compressed, they frequently do offer a slight size advantage.
  • My order has PDF files, and sometimes I see PPT files as well. What are they for?For some titles, we do include additional materials in PDF format, such as class notes, syllabi, etc. The PPT files are PowerPoint presentations, which are also included with some titles. Please note that all of these materials are copyright protected and are only for your own personal use.
  • When I click on a link to download my files, my web location changes to Why? is the location on the web that hosts all our files for download. All data that passes between and is encrypted, and no sensitive data such as credit card information or passwords is sent during these transactions.
  • How do I play my audio on a computer (Mac or Windows PC)?Typically, opening your downloaded audio files will launch whatever default audio player your computer uses. On a Mac, this is almost always iTunes, while on a Windows PC, audio is usually played through Windows Media Player, although iTunes is widely used as well. While these are the most popular programs, any audio program app capable of playing MP3 files (which is pretty much all of them) can play Regent Audio.
  • How do I play my audio on an iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)?For the moment, in order to play our audio on an iOS device, we recommend adding your Regent Audio files to your iTunes library on a PC or Mac, then syncing the device with iTunes. This will add the audio directly to your iOS Music player app, where you can enjoy it any time. If you want to play the MP3 files right from your iOS device, there are a number of apps in the iOS app store that allow you to play and store MP3 audio from website links such as what we provide to your iOS device. We suggest you do a search and find one that works best for you.