Regent Audio Ministry Partnership

The Regent Audio Ministry Partnership Program provides churches and ministries with high-quality audio resources for use in small group or church-wide study.

Up to four times per year, an eligible organization may request a discount code for 50% off a selected title at Regent Audio, for a specific number of downloads. The organization can then share that download code with their members, who may download the title at the discounted rate.

This is an excellent way to enable small groups to use media other than books for their discussions, or for pastors to encourage their congregations to go deeper on a particular sermon series.

Any MP3 Download may be selected, but popular options for studies include Old Testament Foundations, New Testament Foundations, and Biblical Theology for Contemporary Christians.

Regent Audio is also willing to discuss variants on this arrangement, such as the provision of a permanent audio discount for your members or supporters. (This may work especially well for Christian ministries seeking to add a benefit or professional development for their employees.) Please contact us to discuss such possibilities further.

Regent Audio Ministry Partnership Program Testimonial



  1. Contact Alex at to request your title.
  2. We will validate your request and create your personalized discount code (this may take up to ten business days).
  3. You distribute the code to your members with the link to the product page.
  4. Each member downloads the selected title.
  5. Repeat up to four times per year!

Alternatively, the organization may purchase all the downloads for their members, and distribute the files that way.


  1. Those who request a code must provide some verification (most likely via a website listing or organisational email address) of their affiliation with an eligible organization.
  2. Organizations should guarantee a minimum of six participants per discount code.
  3. The organization must not post the code in a publicly available portion of their website; it should be disseminated to members via email or other closed communication.
  4. The organization agrees to post a link to Regent Audio on their website, acknowledging their participation in the Regent Audio Ministry Partnership Program. 
  5. The organization agrees not to duplicate or re-distribute the audio files they receive, beyond what they or their members pay for.
  6. Only MP3 Download titles are eligible for this program. CD’s, DVD’s, and Video Downloads are not available.