Christ & the Creative Process

Speaker(s): Michael Card
Date: 1997
Length: 8h 45min
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The purpose of this series is to further our understanding of the creative gift and process specifically within the light of the life of Jesus Christ. Listeners are challenged to enlarge their understanding of the origin, purpose, function and completion of the creative process, and that not specifically in regards to "Christian" art and music but to the arts as a whole. It is hoped that listeners - whether or not they actively participate in the creative arts - will develop a more biblical understanding of the creative endeavor in all its vast and various forms. Lectures include:

  • Biblical Overview of the Creative Process
  • Christ Our Pattern
  • A Lifestyle of Listening
  • Creativity and the Community
  • Personal Testimony (included on mp3 DL, mp3 CD and CD only)

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Michael Card is a singer and songwriter, and is also the author of The Parable of Joy, a devotional commentary on the gospel of John. Michael is a graduate of Western Kentucky University, where he earned his bachelors and master degrees in biblical studies. Michael has also received honorary PhD's in music and Christian education from Whitfield Seminary and Philadelphia Biblical University.

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