Christian Thought and Culture I (2012)

Speaker(s): Bruce Hindmarsh, Craig Allert, Craig Gay, Hans Boersma, Iwan Russell-Jones, John Stackhouse, Lawrence Farley, Ross Hastings
Date: Fall 2012
Length: 14h 26min
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Along with Christian Thought and Culture II, this course is intended to provide an historical, theological and cultural complement to Old Testament and New Testament Foundations.
The course is organized around the ancient confession that Jesus is Lord, a statement that lays claim to all of human thought and activity, public as well as private, to all of history, and indeed to the entire created world. It is an affirmation that has fundamental implications for Christian mission - for questions of meaning and identity, freedom and authority, politics and cultural purpose. Lectures include:

  • "Jesus is Lord" - A Global Confession - Iwan Russell-Jones
  • The Lordship of Christ and the Challenges of Modernity and Post-Modernity - Craig Gay
  • A World Changing Confession - The Impact of Christian Practice and Lifestyle on the Ancient World - John Stackhouse
  • The Ancient World: "Jesus is Lord" in the Meeting of Christian Faith and Pagan Philosophy - Hans Boersma
  • From Faith in Jesus to the Doctrine of the Trinity - Ross Hastings
  • Where Does Authority Lie? Christ's Lordship in the Canon of Scripture and the Councils of the Church - Craig Allert
  • Jesus and the Empire: How Does the Lordship of Christ relate to Constantine and His Successors? - John Stackhouse
  • Lord of the Body: Monasticism, Asceticism, and Sexual Renunciation in Christian History - Bruce Hindmarsh
  • Confessing Christ in the East: The Orthodox Church - Fr. Lawrence Farley
  • Confessing Christ in the West: Thomas Aquinas and the Medieval Synthesis - Hans Boersma
  • A Structured Discussion Exploring What We Have Learned from the Church of the First Millennium and a Half about What it Means to Confess that Jesus is Lord - Faculty Panel

See All Audio by Bruce Hindmarsh Craig Allert Craig Gay Hans Boersma Iwan Russell-Jones Lawrence Farley Ross Hastings

Bruce Hindmarsh is the James M. Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College. He also serves as the President of the American Society of Church History. He is author of John Newton and the English Evangelical Tradition: Between the Conversion of Wesley and Wilberforce and The Evangelical Conversion Narrative, and his articles have appeared in Church History and the Journal of Ecclesiastical History.

Craig Allert is Associate Professor of Religious Studies and History at Trinity Western University.

Craig Gay is Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Regent College. He also serves as the editor for Crux, a quarterly journal of Christian thought and opinion published by faculty and alumni of Regent College. He is author of Dialogue, Catalogue and Monologue, Cash Values: The Value of Money the Nature of Worth, The Way of the (Modern) World, and With Liberty and Justice for Whom?. He has been published in Christian Scholar's Review, American Journal of Sociology, Crux, and Markets & Morality, and he is the co-editor (with C. Peter Molloy) of The Way of Truth in the Present Age.

Hans Boersma is the J. I. Packer Professor of Theology at Regent College. He is the author of several books, including Violence, Hospitality and the Cross: Reappropriating the Atonement Tradition, Nouvelle Theologie and Sacramental Ontology: A Return to Mystery, Heavenly Participation: The Weaving of a Sacramental Tapestry, and Embodiment and Virtue in Gregory of Nyssa: An Anagogical Approach.

Dr. Iwan Russell-Jones is Eugene and Jan Peterson Associate Professor of Theology and the Arts, and the Head of the Christianity and the Arts Program at Regent College. He has over 25 years of experience as a producer and director for the BBC, in both television and radio, and is a founding co-editor of the Ship of Fools website. For four years, he taught at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where he set up a new department to explore the interaction between faith, media, and contemporary culture.

John G. Stackhouse, Jr. is the Samuel J. Mikolaski Professor of Religious Studies and Dean of Faculty Development at Crandall University in New Brunswick. Prior to this, he was the Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology and Culture at Regent College. He serves as an advisory editor at Christianity Today, a contributing editor at Books & Culture, and a columnist for Faith Today. He is the author of eight books, including Need to Know: Vocation as the Heart of Christian Epistemology, Making the Best of It: Following Christ in the Real World, and Can God be Trusted?: Faith and the Challenge of Evil, as well as the co-author, editor, and co-editor of seven more. His articles have been featured in many publications, including The New York Times, The Times Literary Supplement, The Atlantic, Time, and Reader's Digest.

Father Lawrence Farley is pastor of Saint Herman of Alaska Orthodox Mission in Surrey, B.C. Canada. He lives there with his wife, Donna, and their two daughters. He is the author of The Orthodox Bible Study Companion Series published by Conciliar Press.

Ross Hastings is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Regent College. Previously, he served as the Senior Pastor at Peace Portal Alliance Church in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. He is the author of Missional God, Missional Church: Hope for Re-evangelizing the West.

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