Christian Worship & Music

Speaker(s): Donald Hustad
Date: 1992
Length: 8h42min
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p>This series is concerned with the development of a philosophy - theology of church music, and its application in the life of the Christian church. Attention is given to the particular challenges in the evangelical community, with its differing concepts of worship, and the questions raised by its interaction with the entertainment media. Lectures include:

  • A Theology of Worship in Relation to Music
  • Music and Worship in the Bible
  • The Meaning of Words and Worship
  • The Meaning of Music in Worship
  • Form in Worship for Liturgical Churches
  • Vocal, Choral, and Instrumental Music in Worship
  • Hymns and Congregational Singing in Worship
  • Contemporary Worship Trends and Needs in North America

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Donald Hustad is Retired Professor, School of Church Music and Worship, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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