Creation and Culture

Speaker(s): Bernard Ramm
Date: 1973
Length: 4h 10min
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Observing that many Christians have ambiguous feelings towards creation and culture, in this course Dr. Bernard L. Ramm argues that creation involves humanity, humanity involves culture, and, despite the sinful distortions within creation and culture, Christians can thoughtfully create culture in a variety of ways. Lectures include:

  • Creation, Culture and Civilization
  • The Impact of Sin on Culture
  • Common Grace and Culture
  • Is Christian Civilization Necessary?
  • Creation Revisited

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Bernard L. Ramm taught at the American Baptist Seminary of the West, Baylor University, Los Angeles Baptist Theological Seminary and Bethel College and Seminary, before his death in 1992. His many publications include The Christian View of Science and Scripture, Special Revelation and the Word of God and After Fundamentalism: The Future of Evangelical Theology.

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