Exploring Christian Origins

Speaker(s): Markus Bockmuehl
Date: 1992
Length: 18:12:07
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From inauspicious beginnings in the religious and cultural backwater of Roman Galilee and Judea, Christianity has gone on to encircle the globe. In our time of decline and secular attrition, at least in the Western church, it is worth asking what factors contributed to the church's rise and vitality in the first place. This series, then, explores the social, political and religious setting of first-century Palestine. Against that background, Dr. Bockmuehl examines the message and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, his lasting significance for the early church, and the dynamic complex of theology and praxis which launched Christianity on it conquest of the Roman Empire. Lectures include:

  • Introduction to Second Temple Judaism
  • Greco-Roman Civilization
  • Introduction to First Century Palestine
  • Jesus: His Life and Aims
  • Is Jesus Lord?
  • Pauline Christianity
  • Johannine Christianity
  • Matthean Christianity
  • Christianizing the Roman Empire

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Markus Bockmuehl is Professor of Biblical and Early Christian Studies and Tutorial Fellow in Theology for Keble College in Oxford, UK. He is author of Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory, This Jesus: Martyr, Lord, Messiah and Revelation, and Mystery in Ancient Judaism and Pauline Christianity.

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