Heaven Bent: Eternity in Our Hearts (Christian Life Conference 2002)

Speaker(s): Mark Buchanan
Date: 2002
Length: 4:05:18
Product ID: RGDL3202S

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We live beneath "the eclipse of heaven," affected with a wide-scale amnesia about things above. We're homesick for a place we miss but have never seen. We suffer a restlessness, a weariness, a hunger and can't find anything to assauge it. This lecture series was designed to reawaken our yearnings for "things above." Lectures include:

  • Rich and Weary Both
  • Things Above
  • The Great Fix

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Mark Buchanan, Mark Buchanan is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Ambrose Seminary in Calgary, Alberta. Mark is a pastor, teacher, speaker, and the author of widely-acclaimed books of practical theology including Your God is Too Safe: Rediscovering the Wonder of a God You Can't Control and Things Unseen: Living in the Light of Forever.

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