History of Christianity I: From the End of the New Testament Era to the Refomation

Speaker(s): John Toews
Date: 1996
Length: 26:00:00
Product ID: RGDL2629S

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History of Christianity I is designed as an introductory survey of Christian history. It covers the period from the end of the NT era (ca. 100 A.D.) through the first major phase of the Reformation (ca. 1560 A.D.). This series progresses thematically, stressing the highlights of a given era. Listeners are encouraged to think in terms of broader issues and themes rather than specific chronology and singular events. Lectures include:

  • Introduction
  • Roman Empire
  • Post-Apostolic Church to 300
  • Post-Constantinian Church
  • Monasticism
  • Benedict of Nursia
  • The Celtic Church
  • Candles in the Darkness
  • Carolingian Period
  • Carolingian Period and Germanic Empire
  • Papal Empire and Religious Dissent
  • Avignon Papacy
  • Major 15th Century Church Councils
  • Conciliarism and Background of the Reformation
  • Martin Luther
  • Menno Simons
  • Zwingli
  • John Calvin

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John B. Toews is Professor Emeritus of Church History and Anabaptist Studies at Regent College. He is the author of Czars, Soviets and Mennonites, Perilous Journey: The Mennonite Brethren in Russia, 1860-1910, Lost Fatherland: The Story of the Mennonite Emigration from Soviet Russia, 1921-1927, and Journeys: Mennonite Stories of Faith and Survival in Stalin's Russia.

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