John's Gospel: The Life of God to the World

Speaker(s): Rikk Watts
Date: May 9-20, 2011
Length: 21hr 13 min
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Few works in Western literature have impressed the imagination as has the Gospel of John. Long noted for its distinctive character compared to the Synoptics - Clement of Alexandria called it a "spiritual gospel" - it is unique among the gospels for its fascinating, even poetic, tapestry of images and complex intertwined argument. While there are many themes and emphases to John, this course works its way through the Gospel from the perspective that Jesus has come primarily to bring the life of the one true creator God into the world he loved. Lectures include:

  • Introduction: From Whom, to Whom, and About Whom?
  • The Word is a Person, not a Concept; About Life, Not a System
  • Life is Not About What We Know, But Whether We are Willing to Change
  • Do We Want to Be Made Well? God's Life in Us
  • True Holiness and the Joy of God's Life-Giving Presence to All
  • The Laying Down and Taking Up of Life
  • Life for the World
  • The Very Face of the Only Life-Giving God
  • The Life of God in Us and Through the Spirit
  • The Astonishing Revelation of the True Power and Glory of God

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Rikk E. Watts is Professor of New Testament at Regent College. Previously, he served as an instructor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Wycliffe Hall at Oxford University, La Trobe University, and the Bible College of Victoria (now the Melbourne School of Theology). He is author of Isaiah's New Exodus in Mark, as well as a founding member of On Being, an Australian Christian magazine.

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