Kingdom Communities in a Post-Christian World

Speaker(s): David Fitch
Date: Summer 2015
Length: 10h 52m
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How are Christian communities formed into this reality of God's Mission in the world? How does one lead a congregation to participate in His Kingdom both among us and in the world? To answer these questions we examine the history of congregational formation in N. America. We examine the ways American Protestantism (especially evangelicalism) has been caught in cycles of congregational formation that play on division, antagonism and cultural assimilation, patterns that rely on the cultural dynamics of Christendom. At the end of Christendom however, in the secularized West, these ways of gathering have lost steam. In their stead, we must now look at the ways congregations have formed outside of Christendom. We must examine anew the practices given to us from Christ for the gathering and sending of congregation under His reign. These practices included the Eucharist, proclamation of the gospel, reconciliation, being 'with' the poor, Kingdom prayer, and 5-fold ministry. We will explore how these practices can be renewed as the basis for forming congregations into God's Mission.

A. The Idea of Political Theology-How do communities form/malform?

B. An Empty Politic versus a Politic of Fullness in Christ: The Formation of a Christian Community

C. Where is the Church? Missio Dei? Incarnation? (Due to technical difficulties, the audio quality of this lecture is less than ideal)

D. The Eucharist on the Move as a Paradigm for Community Formation in Mission

E. The Other Six Practices/Social Sacraments of Community Formation in Mission

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David Fitch is Betty R. Lindner Chair of evangelical theology at Northern Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, an ordained pastor with the Christian Missionary Alliance, and a church planter. His books include The End of Evangelicalism? Discerning a New Faithfulness for Mission and Prodigal Christianity: 10 Signposts Into the Missional Frontier.

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