Living According to the Lord's Day: The Formative Role of Worship in Early Christianity

Speaker(s): Joshua Coutts
Date: Spring 2020
Length: 55m
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Living According to the Lord's Day: The Formative Role of Worship in Early Christianity from Regent Audio on Vimeo.

The worship practices of the earliest Christians reflect their convictions about Jesus and his relationship to God. These practices, which took a variety of forms, shaped the earliest Christian communities. Ignatius, the second century bishop of Antioch, was not alone in his call for Christians to align their lives with the grain of their worship, or as he put it, to “live according to the Lord’s day.” In this lecture, encounter various worship practices of early Christians and explore how they moulded faithful Jesus followers. Consider implications for Christian worship today.

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Joshua Couttsis Assistant Professor of New Testament at Providence Theological Seminary (Otterburne, MB). He served on Regent's faculty as a Lecturer in New Testament for the 2017-18 academic year. He graduated from Regent College in 2011 with a concentration in biblical studies and New Testament, and completed a PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2016. His most recent publication, The Divine Name in the Gospel of John, was published in 2017 by Mohr Siebeck (NBN Interview here). He has also published articles and book reviews in CRUX, Currents in Biblical Research, Expository Times, and the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology and presented papers at the Society of Biblical Literature, Seminar on the Old Testament in the New Testament, and the British New Testament Society Conference. He is an instructor for a number of Regent College Distance Education courses.

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