Speaker(s): Sarah Williams
Date: Summer 2019
Length: 15h52m
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From the early church to the present day, this course traces major historical shifts in cultural understandings of gender, sexuality, marriage and the family. We will explore how Christian belief and practice have shaped these categories over time and how at different moments in time Christians have engaged with culture over these issues. By design the course offers a broad-ranging historical overview to enable students to explore key changes in cultural perceptions of gender, sexuality, marriage and the family alongside economic shifts, political philosophies, changes in legislation, technology, social changes in childbirth and parenthood, scientific discourse and the emergence of feminism, individualism and the modern state. In providing a thematic historical framework, this course aims to equip students with deeper insight into present-day debates surrounding sexual identity, gender fluidity and same-sex marriage and to offer a repertoire of language for sensitive missional engagement with these themes in the post-modern context both inside and outside the Church.

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Sarah Williams is Research Professor of Church History at Regent College. Previously, she held research and teaching positions at the University of Birmingham, Harris Manchester College at Oxford, and Lincoln College at Oxford. She is author of Religious Belief and Popular Culture, The Shaming of the Strong, and co-author of Redefining Christian Britain. She has written a number of articles and reviews for academic journals such as Past and Present, The Urban History Yearbook, The Journal of Victorian Culture, The Journal of the Oral History Society, Archives De Sciences Sociales Des Religions, and The Journal of Nineteenth Century Studies. She has contributed to European Religion in the Age of Great Cities (Hugh McLeod ed.), and worked on a collaborative research project that was published as Women, Gender and Religious Cultures in Britain, 1800-1940.

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