Matthew & Christian Discipleship

Speaker(s): Andrew Trotter
Date: June 11-22, 2005
Length: 14:32:52
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Discipleship in the ancient world was far from unknown before Jesus' day; in fact, young men commonly apprenticed themselves to teachers to learn, to practise and to spread religious and philosophical truths that their masters passed on to them. Through an exploration of the Gospel of Matthew's unique perspective on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, we will first look at Jesus as Master, Teacher and finally Lord. Then we will look at the disciples who are portrayed as those of little faith, as those who flee when confronted and fall asleep when needed. They are paradigms for us as we seek to be and do the same in all our uncertainty and failure, and we will reflect on what we learn of discipleship in Matthew for living life in the broken world of the twenty-first century. Lectures include:

  • An Introduction to the Gospel of Matthew
  • Discipleship in the Ancient World
  • Discipleship in Matthew
  • Peter as Paradigmatic Disciple
  • Disciples and Other Gospel Perspectives
  • The Character of a Disciple
  • The Disciple as a Follower
  • The Disciple as a Learner
  • False Disciples in Matthew
  • The Ethics of the Kingdom

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Andrew Trotter has taught cultural and biblical studies and systematic theology at the seminary level for more than 20 years. He is the President of the Center for Christian Study, Charlottesville, Virginia. BA(University of Virginia), Mdiv(Gordon-Conwell), PhD(Cambridge).

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