Old Testament History & Archeology

Speaker(s): Donald Wiseman
Date: 1981
Length: 20:31:10
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The purpose of this series is to explore the use of Old Testament history and archaeology in our Christian lives and ministry. Lectures include:

  • Use and Abuse of History and Archeology
  • Early Historiography and Genesis 1-6
  • Genealogies and History
  • Archeology and Patriarchal Narratives
  • Ebla and the Old Testament
  • Ancient Near Eastern Law and the Bible
  • Covenant and Diplomacy
  • Solomon in All His Glory
  • Assyria and Palestine
  • Israelite and Assyrian Historiography
  • Archeology and the Prophets - Jonah
  • Babylon and the Exile
  • God is so Good (Chapel Talk)
  • Medicine in the Old Testament World
  • The Distinctiveness of the Old Testament

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Donald J. Wiseman is Professor Emeritus of Assyriology, London University, England. He is the author of Archaeology and the Old Testament.

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