Relational Ministry, Young People, and the Church

Speaker(s): Andrew Root
Date: Spring 2015
Length: 9h 12m
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It seems that at its most basic, ministry is about relationships. But relationships are anything but basic. So then what are relationships in youth ministry and what are they for? This course will explore relational ministry in order to uncover some of the blind spots in our contemporary understanding of relationships with people. Relational ministry will be re-imagined NOT as seeking to influence people toward some end (to accept Jesus/to avoid immoral behaviour/to come to church), but rather, seeing it as place-sharing. A - Introduction and the Relational Crisis B - The Changing View of the Pastor: Toward the Relational C - From Influence to Place Sharing D - From the Idea to the Person AND Your Brain on Relationships E - The Shape of Faithful Place-sharing

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Andrew Root is the Olson Baalson Associate Professor of Youth and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary in Minnesota. His book The Theological Turn of Youth Ministry won Christianity Today's Book of Merit award.

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