The Future of the Church: An Introduction to Practical Ecclesiology

Speaker(s): Michael Jinkins
Date: July 12-23, 2004
Length: 15:17:32
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Is there a future for the church? These lectures ask this question in order to explore more deeply the nature and destiny of our gathered life as Christians. This series will focus on a variety of alternative views of the church, seeking to raise fundamental biblical and theological issues related to the practice of faith and ministry in various congregational contexts. Lectures include:

  • Learning to Read the Historical Trajectory of the Church
  • Models of the Church
  • The Church in Biblical, Historical, and Theological Perspective
  • The Church as Inventor of Tradition
  • The Mission and Integrity of the Church
  • The Church that Bowls Alone
  • The Church and the Fourth Great Awakening
  • The Church with a Thousand Faces: Ecclesial Pluralism
  • Reflection on The Church with a Thousand Faces
  • Reflection on the Church and Economics
  • Reflection on Various Essays

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Michael Jinkins is President and Professor of Theology at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is author of 13 books including The Church Faces Death: Ecclesiology in a Postmodern Context, Practice and Transformational Ministry: Church Leadership and the Way of the Cross, and The Church Transforming: What's Next for the Reformed Project?

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