The Gospel and Cultural Renewal - Empowering and Equipping the Laity

Speaker(s): David Kim
Date: Summer 2015
Length: 10h 48m
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Many Christians believe that God is sovereign over all of life but rarely have a unified vision of the Christian life that enables them to engage their faith in everyday life, especially in the workplace. The result is a functional dualism that accentuates a public/private dichotomy, diminishing our ability to live out faithfully our sense of call in the whole of our lives. This course will explore how Scripture, theology, and Spiritual practices lead us to a deeper appreciation and experience of how the gospel is at work to change everything. A Creation & Work (Genesis 1: Filling and flourishing) B Exilic Living: Common Grace & Antithesis (Jeremiah 29: Seeking the Good of Those Who Donu00edt Seek Yours) C New Jerusalem & Multiple Divine Purposes: Sphere Sovereignty & God's Glory (Isaiah 60/Revelation 21: Renewing all things) D Humanizing Work: Kingdom of God, Son of Man (Ezekiel 37: Visions of brokenness and healing) E Spiritual Discernment & the Imagination: Discerning the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2: Having the Mind of Christ)

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David Kim oversees the Center for Faith & Work, based at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. He's written two devotional books: Glimpses of a Greater Glory and The Lord's Prayer Devotional and authored 20 and Something. He is also the general editor of a forthcoming Faith and Work Study Bible.

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