The Humanity of God and Human Transformation

Speaker(s): Alan Torrance
Date: 1996
Length: 17h 8m
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The incarnation is a fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith. However, we have too often failed to appreciate the full ramifications of this event. This series seeks to explore its radical implications for rethinking the whole nature of God's relationship to humanity. The doctrine of creation, revelation, salvation, worship and the life of the church, and ethics are all explored in its light. The listener will gain a clearer understanding of the Christian frame of reference as it is shaped and sustained by this event and come to a fuller appreciation of its relevance for the challenges of contemporary life and witness.

  1. Introduction; Historical Background
  2. Incarnation and Community
  3. Analogy and God-Talk
  4. Covenant Relationship and the Ordo Salutis
  5. Redemption and Reconciliation
  6. Church and Worship
  7. Worship, Baptism and Eucharist
  8. Being as Relation
  9. Redefining the Self
  10. Soren Kierkegaard; Interpretations of Time

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Alan Torrance is Professor of Systematic Theology at St Mary's College of the University of St Andrews. He is author of Christ and Context and Persons in Communion: An Essay on Trinitarian Description and Human Participation.

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