The Letter to the Romans

Speaker(s): James I. Packer
Date: 1983
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Romans was hailed by the Reformers, as it has been by many since their days, as Paul's supreme masterpiece, and a key to the rest of the Bible. But it is a hard, heavy, close-packed theological argument, and studying it is as demanding in its own way as climbing Everest. This series aims to present at least the dimensions of the letter, in the manner of a helicopter flying around Everest, enabling one to view it from all angles. The important problems of interpretation will be noted, and the main lines of implication and will be drawn our in general terms. Lectures include:

  • Introduction/About the Letter and the Author
  • Chapter 1
  • The Righteousness of God
  • Why Men Need the Righteousness of God
  • Law-Breaking Jews
  • Man's Guilt, God's Grace
  • Believer's Confidence
  • Living in Assurance
  • Living in Holiness, Not in Sin
  • Living Under Christ, Not Under the Law
  • Living in Confident Hope, Not Paralyzing Fear
  • Confident in Hope: Part 2
  • Righteousness of God
  • Righteousness of God: Part 2
  • Gratitude and Service
  • Life in a Fallen World

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James I. Packer is the Board of Governors' Professor of Theology at Regent College. His many books include Knowing God and Rediscovering Holiness.

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