The Lost Art of Preaching: Learning to Speak by Learning to Listen

Speaker(s): David Short, Paul Barnett
Date: 1999
Length: 9:35:28
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There is a marked loss of confidence today in preaching and the power of God's Word to transform, equip and save us. Expository preaching is deliberately marginalized and increasingly suspect in an age of selective image making. The purpose of this series is to help those who preach to learn how to speak by learning how to listen, and to rethink the place of preaching today. Lectures include:

  • Orientation: Biblical Theology of Preaching and Preaching a Book
  • The Art of Preaching
  • Biblical Theology and Preaching from the Gospels
  • The Art of Preaching Biblical Theology
  • Preaching from the Epistles
  • The Art of Preaching: Biblical Theology and Preaching from the Old Testament
  • Habits of a Lifetime and the Word of God in Our Lives
  • Evangelistic Preaching

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The Rev. Canon David Short is the Rector at St. John's Vancouver Anglican Church. Prior to moving to Vancouver, he served parishes in New South Wales, Australia, including St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Manly, Christ Church in Gladesville, St. Mark's Anglican Church, Yagoona and St. Michael's Anglican Provisional Cathedral, Wollongong. He also served with the Department of Evangelism in the Sydney Anglican Diocese in Sydney. David has served in the Anglican Church for 15 years in Canada and 10 years in Australia. He was born in the diocese of central Tanganyika in East Africa and educated in Australia and Canada. He is well-known for his expository preaching.

Paul Barnett was the Anglican Bishop of North Sydney in Australia and is Teaching Fellow, Biblical Studies, Regent College. Lecturer, Moore Theological College, Sydney. THL (Moore Theological College), MA (Sydney), BDS, ThSchol, PhD (University of London). He is author of Jesus and the Logic of History, as well as commentaries on Mark, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians and Revelation

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