The Pastor as Preacher (Pastors' Conference 2009)

Speaker(s): Earl Palmer, Fleming Rutledge
Date: May 5-8, 2009
Length: 7:52:26
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Over the past years the Pastors' Conference has explored such themes as The Pastor and the Healing Ministry of Jesus, The Pastor and the Prophetic Ministry of Jesus, and The Pastor as Pray-er. It is now time to focus on the most public work pastors are called to do - preach! And so we invite you to the 2009 Regent College Pastors Conference, The Pastor as Preacher.

We invited two seasoned preachers from different ecclesiastical traditions as plenary preachers - Earl Palmer and Fleming Rutledge. Both are widely known for their creative exposition and winsome way of connecting with culture. Following each plenary presentation, Darrell Johnson facilitates in-depth interaction with each preacher, exploring the forms, illustrations and directions taken by each. Lectures include:

  • Saint Paul and the Cities He Loved - Damascus: A Place to Begin - Earl Palmer
  • Love Against the Odds - Flemming Rutledge
  • Imagine the Sojourner - Fleming Rutledge
  • Saint Paul and the Cities He Loved - Antioch: The Gospel in an Awkward Place - Earl Palmer
  • Q&A Roundtable Session 1
  • Saint Paul and the Cities He Loved - Lystra: A Different Kind of Problem - Earl Palmer
  • The Bloody Passage Way - Fleming Rutledge
  • Q&A Roundtable Session 2
  • Saint Paul and the Cities He Loved - Philippi: Advantages and Disadvantages - Earl Palmer

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Earl F. Palmer is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton Theological Seminary. Since 1991 he has been pastor of University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Washington. His other books include The Book That John Wrote, Salvation By Surprise, and Prayer Between Friends.

Fleming Rutledge BA (Sweet Briar College), Mdiv (Union Theological Seminary), DD (Hon.)(Virginia Theological Seminary) Madison NJ. An accomplished preacher throughout the US, Canada and the UK she has published five books of sermons including The Bible and the New York Times, Help My Unbelief, and Not Ashamed of the Gospel.

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