Theology 1

Speaker(s): Ross Hastings
Date: Fall 2018
Length: 28h 17m
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This course exploresu00a0major themesu00a0of the systematic theology of the Christian church: the doctrines of the triune God (theology Proper), his being and works including creation; of the Lord Jesus Christ (Christology), of humanity (theological anthropology) and in particular, the nature of human personhood made in the image of God; the doctrine of sin (hamartiology), and the doctrine of angels (angelology and demonology).


It also introduces students tou00a0methodologyu00a0in the study of theology and to the doctrines of Scripture and revelation. The course will examine the historic orthodox Christian teachings on these subjects, their scriptural and historical basis and how these doctrines interact with each other, and why these things matter in the life of the church and in the formation of the Christian mind, the Christian life and mission.u00a0

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Ross Hastings is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Regent College. Previously, he served as the Senior Pastor at Peace Portal Alliance Church in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. He is the author of Missional God, Missional Church: Hope for Re-evangelizing the West.

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