Trinity in Contemporary Theology

Speaker(s): John Vissers
Date: July 30 - Aug. 3, 2007
Length: 11:52:43
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This course is an exploration of the resurgence of Trinitarian faith and spirituality through a survey of recent trends in Trinitarian doctrine. Special emphasis is given to the connection between Trinitarian doctrine and Christian practice, between Trinitarian faith and the Christian's experience of God. Lectures include:

  • The Story of Trinitarian Theology
  • Revelation and the Immanent/Economic Trinity
  • The Trinity, Liberation, Relationship, and Community
  • The Trinity, Experience, Prayer, and Mission

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John A. Vissers is Principal of The Presbyterian College, Montreal, and Faculty Lecturer in Theology at McGill University, Faculty of Religious Studies. He has published scholarly articles on Reformed theology, hermeneutics and contemporary theology, and Reformed theological exegesis of the Hebrew Bible.

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